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The mission of Maine4Marriage is to warn Mainers of the many threats posed to our state and society by the ballot initiative in the upcoming election that would radically redefine the critically important institution of marriage by allowing homosexuals to marry in Maine and to urge voters to reject it.

On this site, we have posted the compelling social science research data and legal analysis that demonstrates the many essential benefits man/woman marriage provides to society and why we must not radically redefine it. For millennia and across all cultures, traditional man/woman marriage has been the essential foundation of all successful societies. We believe that preserving it is the single most important issue of our day now being debated in the public square and we are working to help all Mainers understand why.

Our defense of marriage is simply that: the defense of traditional man/woman marriage. That defense is based entirely on social science findings, legal scholarship and the lessons of history. It is not based on any religious beliefs. The material posted here offers irrefutable evidence that redefining marriage as some activists are demanding would be a radical social experiment inevitably accompanied by many negative consequences for society and future generations.

We harbor no ill will towards any individuals or groups. But we are determined to defend marriage against any and all who seek to radically redefine it regardless of their claimed motivations.

We urge you to carefully review this overwhelmingly compelling evidence in support of preserving the natural man/woman definition of marriage and join us in defending this vital cornerstone of our society.

Miriam Conners

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